The Changing Seasons..Here Comes Spring!

Our most recent snow to hit the area this past week is slowly melting as the temperatures climb into the 60’s this early March day. The pristine white has now become spots of green and the melting snow has gone from slush to mush. Alas, weather changes should not be so ill mentioned especially when they afford the opportunity to enjoy a whole new season to relax. Have you noticed the birds? The Cardinals and Blue Jays that have been intermittently visiting and poking around the feeders have been hanging out with a vengeance. Their vibrant colors are such a contrast to the white of the snow.

Inside the plants are having a bit of confusion but they seem to be embracing the weather changes too in their own way. The Christmas cactus has decided to make an appearance and the subtle hues of reds and pinks are a welcome sight and compliment the greens of the ferns and other plants (bonus: no Christmas shopping required)! The fireplace seems to be resting as the sunshine peeks through the surrounding windows (thank you daylights savings time) and is warming the rooms with just enough heat to make things comfortable. The library nook, spacious couch and throw all seem to be looking for a visitor. It seems like the perfect time to enjoy the relaxing changes nature has gifted to us both indoors and out. That is the best thing about Fredericksburg, the weather may change but activities remain abundant.

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