Hello February

Greetings! We must apologize for not getting a blog out of late. Things have been a little hectic with all that happens from October to January and somehow time slipped ever so quietly (or maybe not so quietly) into 2017. Just the same we hope your New Year has begun with much happiness and you are looking for an exciting adventure in Virginia and more specifically beautiful Fredericksburg.

With this being the month associated with “ Love” how could we not tell you about at least five great things we love about our hometown:

(1) We Love that there are so many great places to eat in old town…What are you hungry for?
(2) We Love that the scenery and landscape changes with each season and that beauty can be found in the movement of the river, the quietness of our battlefields and the strength of long standing historic homes and grounds.
(3) We Love that you can catch the train from here and visit Washington, DC or Richmond and be there within an hour (with no traffic to sit in).
(4) We Love that vineyards and micro-brewery’s alike can be found in old town and within minutes in any direction if you are looking for a taste of adventure.
(5) AND finally….We LOVE the hospitality and friendliness that abounds when you come meet the people, deliciously dine, relax and shop all around Fredericksburg!!

Trust us we could definitely write about more things to Love here–but hopefully you can come and experience all these things for yourselves. If you would like to learn more about our home town and the many wonders if offers, please check out www.visitfred.org …..There really is an adventure waiting. Happy February!

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