Time to Relax!

Hello and welcome! Looking over things to write about relaxation came to mind and we will tell you why in a moment! Here in Fredericksburg we had a touch of spring arrive over the last few weeks with things blossoming and temperatures perfect…of course this gives one the itch to clean up, plant and spiffy up after the business of fall and winter. Today however, we must put on the breaks as a late storm arrived bringing ice, snow, sleet and temperatures in the teens. The ground cover quickly changed all things from green back to white. It is rather pretty!! But…..instead of being outdoors the temperature change meant staying inside, snuggling back under our favorite blankets and reading the book we thought might have to wait until fall ….in other words “Relaxing”.

Relaxing is a word that we believe coexists with another and that is “Pampering” and we couldn’t wait to tell our visitors of a way to have both. First…if you are looking for a wonderful way to relax, then please consider coming to Fredericksburg and visiting us. We have plenty of space to curl up and read that book you have been wanting to and our snuggling blankets and fire place will only enhance the pleasure. Next, the pampering part; just moments from here is a wonderful spa called Massage Elements of Hot Stones, dare we say a perfect getaway where Patricia and her staff will spoil you with the spa treatment of your choice. If you are looking for a relaxing massage, soothing facial or restorative body treatment this is the place to go.

The house and garden chores can wait! Take time for yourself and come visit us and enjoy some relaxing and pampering from all of us here in Fredericksburg. We can’t wait to see you and show you how great our little town is. For more information on Massage Elements you can visit their website at www.massageelementsof hotstones.com. For more information on the many upcoming activities Fredericksburg has to offer check out www.visitfred.org.

Hope to see you soon!

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